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     First of all, let me say how much fun we had at the Kitchen and Bath Show this year! The floor was packed, the booths were buzzing, and the exhibitors were on fire! We spent three days walking the show floor and still didn’t make it to every booth. Our clients are bathroom crazed right now, so I’m going to focus on 5 of the fun and interesting bath trends we saw at KBIS 2014! Are you ready?


Pulse Shower Towers

     First things first…shower towers! These are the fabulous shower panel systems you’re seeing in all of the newest shower designs. Rain heads, body jets, and hand held sprays…getting the picture? One fantastic feature of these shower towers is the retrofit line. You can pop these beauties right over your existing plumbing and you’re all set!

     With a variety of colors, accessories, finishes, and styles…there really is something for everyone. They range from simplistic to outrageous, and I love them all! You merely can’t go wrong with one of these phenomenal shower towers!


Clarke Architectural

     I couldn’t keep my hands off these tubs from the second I walked into the booth.  Clarke Architectural states that they’ve envisioned their products to be “unique and daring in design” and that’s exactly what they’re doing. They even bring in renowned designers and architects who offer their expertise to create designs worthy of international praise. They’re rolling out some of the most modern and innovative tub designs I saw at KBIS.

     One thing that really caught my eye was their unique matte finish option offered on many of their tubs. Instead of the typical glossy finish most people are accustomed to, Clarke uses a matte finish on many of their newest designs. I’m telling you, I would sit and just rub these tubs all day long!

     Their designs range from transitional to modern and even cubist! They offer freestanding designs as well as drop in, and they even have a selection of matching lavatories for certain lines. How gorgeous are these babies?


Thompson Traders Sinks

     The second I laid eyes on these gorgeous sinks, my mouth dropped and I had to know more! A fairly new company to our industry, these beautiful sinks are made from mostly copper and nickel. They offer vessel and drop in types. These sinks aren’t lacking in style, beauty, or creativity. They have a multitude of stock options as well as a custom line. With different colors, shapes, and finishes your options are nearly endless.

     They use only the highest grade copper, and are so confident in their product that they come with a limited lifetime warranty.  Thompson Traders is environmentally conscious and their sinks are even antibacterial.  I have no doubt that we’ll see this company grow exponentially in the years to come.


Ditra-Heat by Schluter Systems

     Everyone loves the idea of a warm bathroom floor to step onto in the mornings, and Schluter just made that technology even simpler. They’ve introduced their newest system Ditra-Heat which is coming out in March of this year. We already love their linear drain line and we’re loving this new line as well. They’re the only ones to incorporate an uncoupling technology to give you reassurance that your tile floor won’t crack.

     A big advantage of Ditra-Heat is the ability to customize the heating zones to a client’s liking. You can of course heat an entire bathroom, but you also have the option to only heat a portion of it. They’ve also made installation a breeze. Easy installation equals more reasonable pricing for consumers!

     I won’t bore you with endless technical details, but this is a great new product and we can’t wait until it comes out next month!


Aroma Sense Shower Heads

     This is a product so simple you’ll be kicking yourself for not coming up with it yourself!

     Aroma Sense is the first company of its kind to do something like this with shower heads. There are 5 key components that set these shower heads apart from any competition.

  1. Vitamin C. This promotes healthier skin and hair as well as improves blood supply and increase metabolism.
  2. Aromatherapy. Natural lemon oil produces fresh fragrances that will boost your mood, relieve stress, and encourage relaxation.
  3. Generating Negative Ions. Negative ions have been proven to relieve stress, increase blood flow, balance pH, and improve respiratory health.  
  4. Chlorine Removal. Vitamin C neutralizes chlorine, harmlessly removing it from the water to give you healthier skin and hair.
  5. Water Conservation. These shower heads have specially designed triangular holes to help conserve water by up to 25%. Not only do these innovatively designed holes conserve water, but they also produce better water pressure.

     So how does it work you ask? When you purchase their specially designed shower head, you get to choose from three different aromatherapy scents: Lemon, Lavender, or Eucalyptus. You simply pop the cartridge into the handle of the shower head and you’re all set for the next 60 days (depending on usage).  Go ahead and throw in one of their filters while you’re at it. They sit inside the shower head and help trap rust, dirt or any other contaminants that might be floating through your pipes.

     Pretty sweet huh? And why didn’t I come up with this again?



     As usual, we saw hundreds of new products and ideas at the Kitchen and Bath Show. While we can’t show you all of them, I think these new bathroom trends are a perfect example of how exciting this industry can be. Any of these tops trends would be a perfect addition to your bathroom design!

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