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    When you start talking about adding color to kitchens people have a tendency to tuck their tail and run! I’ll admit there is definitely a right way and a wrong way to do it. You don’t want your kitchen to look like a box of crayons but you shouldn’t be terrified of color either. So let me throw out a few suggestions for those of you brave enough to add a real punch of color to your kitchen.

1.  Possibly the boldest move you can make is in your cabinetry. If you’re a real daredevil you could opt to add a bold color to all of your cabinetry. This modern yellow kitchen is a perfect example.

Ok so that may be a little extreme for most of you southerners out there but how about this country kitchen in a softer yellow?



Much better right? Sure they’re still yellow cabinets , but you’d be surprised how many people could get away with this.

2.  Alright so some of you still aren’t convinced you could have an entire yellow kitchen. How about we just talk about the island? This is a stunning example of adding a pop of color to your kitchen by painting the island blue. This otherwise all white kitchen now has a focal point without it looking as if there’s a giant blue monster sitting in the middle of your kitchen.

3.  For those of you still cringing at the thought of painting cabinets a color other than white…the walls are a great place to add that much needed pop of color. How many times have you seen a kitchen where the walls, cabinets, countertops, and floors are all a different shade of beige? Where’s the fun in that?

This is a great example of how a coat of lime paint can make a huge difference in your kitchen. Don’t be shy…try out several different colors. Paint is an easy fix for a drab kitchen.

4.  Admit it…some of you are coming around to this “color” idea. But for those of you still unsure let’s not forget about backsplashes. Your options for backsplashes are nearly as limitless as a can of paint for your walls. Just don’t forget we’re talking color…not beige.

This blue backsplash makes all the difference in this kitchen. It may feel permanent but remember you’re not married to a backsplash. As trends change so can your backsplash.

5.  Ok for everyone else I have yet to convince, allow me to suggest something a little safer…accessories. All of those little accessories you put on your countertops to fill space, light fixtures, your window coverings, and even your bar stool or dining chair upholstery. I beg you to step out of the box and get daring with these things.

Take a look at these colorful accessories on the island. Just that little attention to detail makes this kitchen look so much more youthful and fun.

I managed to find an example of colorful lighting, bar stools, and window coverings in one photo….yeah I’m that good. This kitchen is a perfect example of a colorful kitchen done right! And notice it’s all in accessories. So when you get tired of the color combo you chose…you get to choose another one. And that’s a perfect excuse to go shopping…am I right ladies?

With any luck everyone is now on board to add some fun color to your kitchen so let me show you few more examples of colorful kitchens done the right way.

And just for fun if I were picking out my favorite colorful kitchen…it would most certainly be this little gem.

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