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This week I have been working with several trades on the newest flip house.  One of the most frustrating things is the lack of communication when dealing with these men on call backs. 

 A plumber that I have used at my own home and also on the last flip was no longer with the company, so I was given to “Bill”.  Bill did ask me many things about the project, and I repeated that I need to know the pricing for moving the plumbing as there is a 60 year-old cast iron pipe that goes through the new roof.  He said he would call back so we could meet at the project……never heard from him again.  Then I called another plumber that we have used on a well system. He said “Charles” would be calling me back.  Charles and his helper did show up,  looked under the house, and said all is attainable and the bid would be ready Monday (he was going out of town that weekend).  Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday all went by without a call…..again. 

 As you can see, even though I am in the business I still get the same treatment as many of you….no communication.  Not sure if these men (sorry ladies…haven’t had a female plumber to date) know how important it is to communicate with the women.  To clarify……calling with either “the job is too small” or “we sure are busy right now” or “there are a few before you” would help, and that is known as communication.

 There are two plumbers that still bring a smile to my face: Big Bob & Jeff.  The first one, as you might have guessed, had the name for a reason.  I learned the term “plumber's crack” from Bob…….always tried to talk to him from outside the bathroom where he was working so I didn’t see so much.   Now, Jeff was the exact opposite of Big Bob.  He was very serious, a smallish man, the quickest plumber I know of, and had a business where he and his brother were the plumber & electrician.  They worked as a team and I never heard the words “it’s the electrician’s fault” or “it’s the plumber’s fault”.  Also I never had to call them when it was time for the electrician to come in.  They even billed out together so I paid one bill once everything was done…..boy I miss them.

 Well, plumber number three has been called and referred by my flipper friend.  He tells me he is honest, will show up, and he has used him for years.  Can’t wait to see what transpires tomorrow…..I hear he is built like a fire hydrant!

 So I can either continuing flipping or flip out…..I choose flipping.

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