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It’s no big secret to any of you “interior design nerds” like me that the color grey has been a major trend in home design. Grey is the new black. But for those of us who imagine our homes as cozy, inviting spaces to welcome our family and friends, the thought of monochromatic shades of grey can seem a bit “institutional” and cold.

But it’s quite the contrary! Grey can be just as warm and exciting of a neutral color as the taupe walls many of us naturally are drawn to! (And I am seriously guilty of loving taupe!)

How can I work with such a seemingly modern color scheme, you ask? Well, let’s look at a couple of examples:

Living Rooms

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In this image, grey is used in a contemporary manner, popping accents of bright yellow (also a heavy trend right now). Don’t be afraid to use vivid color with grey. Notice the walls and floor are the same shade of grey, bringing attention to the furniture and accents. There are not a huge variety of textures or patterns, also adding to the contemporary feel of this room. Too modern for your taste? Let’s look at how your living room can be a traditional grey.

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This is a great example of traditional grey. Notice the color scheme includes a hint of beige, and the accent colors are not as bright as the previous space. Several different textures and patterns are used and play off of each other to create an inviting space.


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In this traditional bathroom, a nice color combination of grey and white creates a clean look that so many of us strive to achieve. Plus, the lighter colors give the illusion of volume in a small space. The white carrara marble on the tub surround is a beautiful way to incorporate grey into your bathroom. Chrome fixtures (particularly square-shaped) are a hot item in Europe and the United States.

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As I mentioned in the contemporary living room above, a great way to spice-up grey (and avoid boring) is to add a bright splash of color. Almost any color will complement grey, and this bold red is a stunning choice. Don’t over-use the bright color or the space will lose its sophistication, but instead choose wisely where to place your color in order to attract attention to a desired area. It’s a good design choice to concentrate the accent color as opposed to scattering it throughout the room.


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Another great idea for using grey, especially in the bedroom, is to go with a shade with purple undertones. This allows for a luxurious feel. Mix in deep purples and lavenders to really pull the warmth out of the grey. Wallpaper with a pattern or texture allows for movement and interest, and is a nice alternative to painting a wall a solid color. Notice the furniture in this bedroom has a metallic shimmer. You can easily refinish a piece of furniture with metallic-finish paint that you can find at your local paint stores.

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One great aspect of having a contemporary feel to your home is the fact that you can architecturally add interesting features that would quite frankly look silly in a more traditional setting. Take this bedroom, for example. There is nothing boring about this monochromatic color scheme simply due to the gorgeous ceiling feature that bleeds down onto the wall. And like the traditional bedroom previously shown, there is quite a bit of shimmer going on here as well. The reflective surface on the wall, although it is an extremely dark grey, does a wonderful job of brightening up the room by reflecting light back into the space.


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Mixing grey cabinetry with another color of cabinetry, such as the white shown above, gives excellent contrast in a traditional kitchen. Keep the perimeter cabinetry the same color to provide consistency. Grey cabinetry looks great with a distressed finish, which is a current trend in home décor. For countertops, white carrara marble with grey veining is a beautiful choice and can be used as a backsplash material as well. Most homeowners would try to choose flooring, whether it is tile or wood, in a grey tone, but don’t be afraid to stick with a warm brown color especially if it’s found throughout the rest of your home. As you can see in the picture above, dark-stained wood flooring is gorgeous with grey cabinetry.

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Ah, stainless steel… the go-to material for modern décor. But how do you incorporate it without your kitchen looking like you’ve wrapped everything in aluminum foil? The answer… moderation. For example, a stainless backsplash can be very sleek and requires very little maintenance. For a more cost-efficient solution, use aluminum that has a brushed stainless look. Try pairing it with lighter, even white, cabinetry as shown above. Stainless steel can also be applied to surfaces like the back of an island to add interest and contrast.

These are just a few ways to incorporate a grey color scheme into your home while still keeping that warm, homey feeling. We’ve shown you some pictures of grey-themed spaces, now we want to hear from you! If you have a grey room, please send us your picture!

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